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a note from Sue…

desi-s bucurestean get beget(stiu, se vede…) a fost nevoie de un american ca sa vina si sa-mi arate dedesubturile(canalele) Bucurestilor. Ron Bates a venit in Romania motivat de dragostea lui Dumnezeu si traind dragostea Lui a decis sa ramana…sa nu faca din misiunea lui doar un fel de “safari” printre oameni semicivilizati…dupa luni de suferinta Ron a pasit acum spre tinuturile vesnice…

Sue cea care i-a fost alaturi si care a dinamizat prin e-mailurile ei comunitati crestine pentru a sustine lucrarea lor, a trimis in acesta dimineata un mesaj celor care l-au cunoscut…

This morning God reached down his merciful hand to Ron’s bed of affliction and took him to his throne where he will awake for all his friends and loved ones, there is no more pain, tears or suffering, no disappointment, no death, only eternal bliss forever and ever and ever because God will reign forever and ever, hallelujah! Ron’s condition was caused by stress, heat stoke, dehydration and cerebral hemorrhage, he did not suffer, thank God.

God was so gracious with him, as He is with all of us. When he went into a coma on Wednesday night he was never fully aware of what happened. Yesterday he worsened and at 08.10 this morning he awoke in the presence of the God of orphans and outcasts. I am sure God said ‘Well done my good and faithful servant’. Ron was, as we are, imperfect, but he always wanted his love for his orphan girls, street kids, blind people and the gypsy believers to be perfect.

His greatest ministry was with the gypsies. Ron’s gift was preaching the gospel and expounding God’s word, he loved God’s word and always appreciated the hungry, open heart of the gypsy Christians. He frequented the village of Goloshei and because of his great love for them and their common love for the Lord Jesus he wants to be buried in that village, so Thursday we will celebrate his home going. He loved his family very much.

 He is survived by his wife, Billie Sue (Edwards) born in Tyler, Texas, January 2nd 1943 and his children John Michael, August 7th 1962; Dana Matthew, August 30th 1967; Robert Jason, June 19th 1970; Ronald Barton, August 12th 1971. He is also thankful to have a beautiful daughter-in-law, Brandi and grand daughter, Briana. Ron was born in Ft. Worth, Texas. He was saved when he was 16 and spent the rest of his life preaching God’s word and learning more about the kind of God we really have.

Our wonderful workers and I, Lord willing, will continue the work as Ron would desire. Perhaps someone will come here to work alongside us. Our missionary to India, Amy Carmichael, fell and was bed ridden for 14 years. I would like this to be my legacy, also to serve with the Romanian people for my remaining years. Ron and I were married October 7th 1961.

We have spent four years serving in Japan as missionaries and the past 17 years in Romania, privileged to have served the least of these, making our lives happy and fulfilled beyond imagination. For all of you who stood with us and beside us we thank God! Ron and I will meet you in the morning over there (my paternal grandmother’s favorite song),



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