saritura in-naltime

pe cine incurca ineranta Scripturii?

o sesiune dedicata discutiilor libere in cadrul ultimei conferinte “Q”; tema:”Rolul Bibliei in societatea contemporana”;
participa: Tim Keller, Alister McGrath, Brian McLaren si Dempsey Rosales-Acosta

from Q Ideas

Tim Keller (min.5) mi se pare cel mai coerent (si corect) in idee: “Just for the record: I have no problem at all talking about inerrancy. As a pastor if I actually say to someone, any layperson–if I believe in the authority of the Bible but not the inerrancy of the Bible, they’re going to say, “what’s the difference?” And as soon as I begin to explain it, their eyes glaze over. And they’re going to think of it as a distinction without a difference. If I say it’s not authoritative in all its parts and it’s not inerrant, they understand that. And if I say it’s authoritative and inerrant, they understand that. But to say it’s authoritative and not inerrant, I’ve never in 35 years of working with people been able to get that.”

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