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invitation“Urmeaza-ma!” – invitatia personala, directa, pe care Isus Christos a adresat-o celor 12 ucenici a fost una ce implica actiune, dinamism; presupune parasirea unui context social in care te gaseai si intrarea intr-o alta forma de coexistenta sociala.

Ce inseamna sa mergi in viata calauzit de povetele, principiile lui Isus Christos aceasta este ideea centrala cu care pastorul Greg Sidders porneste intr-o incursiune sincera de a prezenta ucenicia crestina. Plecand in demersul sau de la o analiza personala a angajamentului sau, Sidder recunoaste ca la inceput a incercat sa ocoleasca partile dificile ale uceniciei christice.

Autorul nu vrea sa sperie pe nimeni ; vrea sa fie sincer si sa spuna ca a fi urmas al lui Christos reprezinta un agajament decisiv si nu o alternativa ce o iei in considerare doar atunci cand iti convine/cand iti usor. Crestinismul implica riscuri si Isus nu te invita la o plimbare linistita pe o vreme insorita. Ucenicia este un concept serios care implica nu doar o dorinta de transformare – ce poate fi gasita si in alte contexte educationale – ci mai ales o metoda care presupune o ascultate sincera si o dependenta totala.

Ca un fost jurnalist, Sidder pune obiectiv problema costurilor; cat te costa sa nu fi un ucenic dedicat, serios, este dezbatut activ in capitolul “The cost of non-discipleship”. Loialitatea ete analizata de autor privind la intelesuri ce decurg din Capitolul 9 al Evanghelie dupa Luca v.23-25 ”Apoi a zis tuturor: „Daca voeste cineva sa vina dupa Mine, sa se lepede de sine, sa-si ia crucea în fiecare zi, si sa Ma urmeze. Fiindca oricine va voi sa-si scape viata, o va pierde; dar oricine îsi va pierde viata pentru Mine, o va mântui. Si ce ar folosi un om sa câstige toata lumea, daca s-ar prapadi sau s-ar pierde pe sine însusi?”

Alte doua capitole ce mi-au placut si am discutat pe marginea lor evidentiau cat esti dispus sa sacrifici din ceea ce iti apartine(“Going for broke”) si ce inseamna sa apartii lui Christos si sa-l lasi pe El sa-ti inspire si calauzeasca deciziile(Abiding for Dummies – multe citate din Andrew Murray ).

Cartea este scrisa din punct de vedere pastoral, tonul folosit atragandul si pe cititorul care vrea sa-l urmeze 100% pe Isus Christs cat si pe cel indecis de un anagajament total. Sidder asigura si o sectiune interactiva, prin plasarea la sfarsit a unor ghduri de discutie in grup a capitolelor cartii. Cartea este utila pentru cei care doresc a face din ucenicia lui Christos stilul lor de viata.

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“Follow me”- a personal invitation, straight addressed by Jesus Christ to the 12 ordinary people in order to become disciples; a dynamic invitation, which involves changing in their social context and lifestyle. A life guided by the principles of Jesus Christ is the central idea that Pastor Greg Sidders embarks on a journey to a sincere Christian Discipleship Life. He is starting this approach from a personal analysis of  his engagement with Christ; Sidder admits in his early Christian life that he tried to bypass the difficult parts of Christ discipleship. The author does not want to scare anyone; he wants to be honest and say that being a follower of Christ is a decisive commitment and not an alternative that you take into account only when the road is easy. Christianity involves risks for people who desire a comfortable earthly life. Discipleship is a concept that involves not just a serious desire to change but rather a method that requires an honest and total dependence to your Master.

As a former journalist who is looking/searching for objective things, Sidder doesn’t avoid the “cost issue” – how much/what it really means for you not to be a devoted disciple (actively debated in “The Cost of Non-Discipleship”, chapter. Loyalty recipes analyzed by the author on the meanings arising from Chapter 9 of the Gospel of Luke v. 23-25 “And he said unto all, If any man would come after me, let him deny himself, and take up his cross daily, and follow me. For whosoever would save his life shall lose it; but whosoever shall lose his life for my sake, the same shall save it. For what is a man profited, if he gain the whole world, and lose or forfeit his own self? “

 Other two other chapters that I liked and we discussed in our group, talking about how willing are you  to sacrifice for others what belongs to you (“Going for Broke”) and what it means to belong to Christ and let Him to inspire you and guide your decisions (Abiding for Dummies – many quotes from Andrew Murray here).The book is well written from the pastoral point of view, drawing the reader who wants to follow Jesus Christs 100%. Sidder also provide an interactive section, by placing at the end of the book a discussion questions to be used in small groups.

 The book is useful for those who want to make discipleship of Christ their lifestyle.

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