saritura in-naltime

s-acum cine spala vasele?

intr-o fraternizare infantila ieri toate posturile de radio din zona mea – nu doar cel crestin –  au vorbit despre Rapire, Sfarsitul lumii, Judecata.

Eric Landry are un punct de vedere interesant despre ce va trebui sa infruntam de acum inainte: “The real danger post-Saturday doesn’t come from the skeptics, however, it comes from people like you and me. Having lived through Camping’s failed prediction in 1994 and his 2002 rejection of the visible body of Christ on earth, many Reformational Christians feel the same desire to smirk, roll their eyes, and use the worst kind of language to describe fellow Christians who have been deluded by false teaching. We also probably feel a justified sense of outrage that Camping is making a mockery of Christ and his church, giving skeptics like Shermer a free shot at one of our cherished hopes.”  – intreg materialul aici

iar Matthew Paul Turner isi povesteste experienta personala – eseu scris in 2009(!!!)

HT: Out of UR

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