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Theology drives methodology – GRATIS –

CHRISTIAN E-BOOK: Theology Drives Methodology: Conversion in the Theology of Charles Finney and John NevinAuthor: Karl Dahlfred
Publisher: N/A
Price: FREE (July 25-26)

Are evangelistic methods neutral? Or is there a connection between what we believe and how we evangelize? 

In “Theology Drives Methodology”, Karl Dahlfred examines the theology and methods of Charles Finney and John Nevin, demonstrating how the different beliefs of these two men led them to radically different conclusions about the best methods to use in promoting the Gospel. Finney’s beliefs led him to use high-pressure revival meetings to induce conversions. Nevin’s beliefs led him to emphasize preaching, catechism, and pastoral care as the means that would produce conversions through the everyday ministry of the local church. Which man’s methods were correct?

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