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CHRISTIAN E-BOOK: Game On: Find Your Purpose - Pursue Your DreamAuthor: Emmitt Smith
Publisher: Tyndale House Publishers
Price: FREE (Ends Sept 1)

Emmitt Smith, the NFL’s all-time leading rusher of the Dallas Cowboys, Dancing with the Stars champion, and successful real-estate investor, outlines the principles that helped him become a winner on and off the football field. In this book he encourages you to live your God-given dream, now. Emmitt reveals that it’s not only vision and talent that propel us toward our dreams, but also a combination of determination, persistence, humility, courage, and faith. In this book, Emmitt gives readers the tools to pursue their dream with all their mind, heart, and soul.


CHRISTIAN E-BOOK: And Then I Had TeenagersAuthor: Susan Alexander Yates
Publisher: Baker Books
Price: FREE (Aug 28 Only)

Susan Yates, best-selling author of And Then I Had Kids and How to Like the Ones You Love, now offers encouragement and guidance to parents of teens and preteens. Drawing from her experiences raising five teenagers, she offers parents a unique blend of stories, compassion, and advice. Yates empathizes with parents whose children struggle with communication, peer pressure, and faith–every parent of a teen!–while also considering teenagers’ perspectives and needs. Readers who enjoyed And Then I Had Kids will be eager for this sequel as they prepare for the teen years.



CHRISTIAN E-BOOK: No Other gods: Confronting Our Modern Day IdolsAuthor: Kelly Minter
Publisher: David C. Cook
Price: FREE (Ends Sept 2)

Our lives revolve around our deepest needs and greatest treasures. Relationships. Family. Financial security. Private hopes and dreams.

Most of our desires are healthy. Yet these longings can become passions we not only pursue, but worship. And while idol worship may seem like ancient history, we still face the modern-day equivalent [version], as natural needs slowly consume our hearts and minds, competing with God’s rightful place in our lives.

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