saritura in-naltime

pentru egalitaristi si complementaristi deopotriva

“”If God made us in his image, then we need to understand who God is and ask, ‘How do women reflect something about God, and how do men reflect something about God?’ Theologians talk about the immanent Trinity—how God gets along within himself. They make two points. One, God the Father moves toward and into the Son, and gives all that he is to the Son (Heb. 1). Two, the Son invites and receives all that the Father gives him. Then the Son moves this right back to the Father. So I see a Trinitarian dynamic of moving into and inviting.

I do believe that God made us male and female so males can reflect one side of that dynamic, and females can reveal the other side. This is supported by the words for male and female in Genesis 1.Neqebah (female) means one who is open to receive, has an invitational style of relating. And zakar(male) means one who remembers something important and then does it. Femininity is a relational style—an invitational way of relating to other people that says, ‘I invite you to come to me. I’m not here to control you. If you move toward me in godly movement, you’ll find an inviting and nourishing and supportive, wise woman who’s going to be there with you in all the godly movement that you make.’ Masculinity is a relational style of seeing a situation that needs to be dealt with. Rather than passively letting someone else deal with it or aggressively taking over and bossing everyone around, masculinity moves gently and meaningfully into that situation.” – Larry Crabb

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