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Francis despre fotbal

catolickickThe Pontiff’s message was broadcast on Brazilian TV Globo Network, where he said that “sport is in fact an instrument to communicate the values ??that promote the good of the human person and help to build a more peaceful and fraternal society. Here we think of loyalty, perseverance, friendship, sharing and solidarity.”

Francis offers three lessons that sports teaches, which he said are essential for living in peace: the “need to train,” “fair play” and “respect for opponents.”

In order to win you have to train, he said, and “we can see in this sportive practice, a metaphor of our life…In life you need to fight, to train, to put the effort in, in order to achieve important results.”

“The sporting spirit reminds us in this way,” he continued, “of an image of the sacrifices necessary to grow in the virtues that build the character of a person.”

The Pontiff emphasized the importance of fair play in sport because “soccer can and should be a school for the formation of a culture in which people meet each other, which then leads to harmony and peace between peoples.”

“Being ‘individualistic’ in soccer is an obstacle to the success of the team; likewise if we are ‘individualists’ in life, ignoring the people around us, it damages society as a whole.”

source: Aleteia

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