saritura in-naltime

when religious pluralism is not a matter of principles

Tish Harrison Warren describes in a Christian Today article her experience inVanderbilt University.

Even she declared/defined herself a an egalitarian, a priest in the Anglican Church, and a supporter of progressive causes, still had some major issues with social acceptance at academic level.

“…The line between good and evil was drawn by two issues: creedal belief and sexual expression. If religious groups required set truths or limited sexual autonomy, they were bad—not just wrong but evil, narrow-minded, and too dangerous to be tolerated on campus.

We liked being in pluralistic settings, mining for truth in Nietzsche and St. Benedict alike. But if Christian orthodoxy was anathema in this purportedly broad-minded university, where did that leave us? What did that mean for our place in the world and how we interacted with culture?…”

worth to read the whole material –

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