saritura in-naltime

necredinta in Dumnezeu nu este intodeauna bazata pe logica dar e OK, nu?

un material suprinzator, scris din pozitia unui ce analizeaza aceiasi “masura” aplicata si ateilor si credinciosilor; autorul are cateva remarci oneste despre situatia din care a ales sa nu creada:

  • The atheistic worldview “is similar to the worldview of religion—neither can be shown to be true or false by science, or indeed by any rational technique. Whether theistic or atheistic, they are all matters of faith, stances taken up by tiny creatures in an infinitely rich environment.”
  • His view of the universe as a natural, material system is based on his interpretation of his experience not on a rational argument.
  • “I have taken a leap of atheist faith.”
  • Atheism can be as much a product of family, social, and institutional context as religious faith.
  • “The idea that the atheist comes to her view of the world through rationality and argumentation, while the believer relies on arbitrary emotional commitments, is false.”

detalii in The Atlantic

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