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I just got a letter from Kevin Costner

BLACK OR WHITE – Letter to Faith Leaders

Dear Friend,

I want to share with you a very special film, BLACK OR WHITE, that is close to my heart. It has been exciting to watch this film spark a variety of conversations in communities across the country. Make no mistake, as in life, BLACK OR WHITE has an edge to it. But it is a story that portrays an honest and authentic bite of life in the non-politically correct way in which we need to have this conversation in order to move our country and society forward. I believe this film will appeal to people of faith—and anyone concerned with race relations and the state of the family in America today.

In BLACK OR WHITE I play a man who loses both his daughter and wife in unexpected tragedies and becomes the guardian of his biracial granddaughter. My friend Octavia Spencer plays the paternal grandmother who initiates a custody battle that brings prejudices and substance abuse issues to the surface. It’s a riveting story that I feel can offer some useful insights and raise some important questions in this time of racial discord in our culture. The movie features many wonderful performances and opens in theaters across the country on January 30th.

BLACK OR WHITE relates positive messages about the true meaning of “family” and what it looks like, about being there for your children, about self-sacrifice and forgiveness. It speaks to “the Cross” in our lives and how we must rely on God’s grace rather than alcohol or drugs. For me, BLACK OR WHITE is more than just a movie; it’s an emotional meditation on character, empathy and selfcontrol. The turbulent relationships between the characters vying for custody of the child speak to the difficulties of living a life of Christian charity, humility and peace. Given recent events in New York City, Ferguson, Missouri, and around the country, I hope my film can be a bridge-building vehicle to help people explore the complicated issues at the heart of the film. The film shows how we fall and then get back up again. It urges us to stay strong and maintain hope in face of adversity, because God always gives us a new day.

View the movie trailer here

I would like to invite you and your key staff to a special preview screening and would be grateful for your support of my film.

Sincerely, Kevin Costner


Even is kind a general one, Kevin’s invitation is worth to be considered.

Here is a Discussion Guide about a few themes embedded into the movie. – BLACKORWHITE_Guide

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