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A Gay Man Critiques his Community

Dr Jason Hill(a gay man) of De Paul University in Chicago, confirmed a truth promoted by many Christians – despite there being a “moral minority” (his words) of gay men who want something like traditional heterosexual marriage, the vast majority just want lots and lots of sex. Here’s how he puts it:

I also believe marriage between two men in our contemporary culture is a colossal waste of time, a hopeless undertaking doomed for failure, and, fundamentally, a naive endeavor profoundly at odds with the hypersexual, broken, and ethically bankrupt ethos and nature of gay male culture.

Professor Hill quotes some stats:

  • Gay culture is characterized by disproportionate drug use, sexual promiscuity, sexually transmitted diseases, depression, and suicides.
  • The insatiable and voracious sexual promiscuity of gay men is an ongoing recreational activity that does not cease with marriage or long-term partnerships, and increases with age.
  • 43 percent of all gay men in Western democracies claimed to have had more than 500 partners in their lifetime, and 28 percent claimed more than 1,000.
  • 50 percent of all gay marriages in the United States begin as open relationships where men continue to have sex with other men on the side.
  • The sexual imagination of gay men will suffuse their children’s sexual imagination and will decouple sex from—at least—the pretense of love.

Remember he is a gay person not a “bigot” christian…

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