saritura in-naltime

diferenta intre perfectionism si excelenta

“Un perfectionist poate accepta/recunoaste greseli la modul general dar niciodata nu le va identifica particular/personal. Excelenta recunoaste ambele forme de greseli – generale si specifice.

Un perfectionist este hiperdefensiv fata de greselile proprii si hiperofensiv fata de greselile altora; excelenta este intelegatoare fata de greselile altora pe fondul in care isi accepta greselile personale.” – Allan Mallinger in Too Perfect: When Being in Control Gets Out of Control

The perfectionist’s credo:

1. If I always try my very best and if I’m alert and sharp enough, I can avoid error, everyday blunders, oversights, and poor decisions or choices.

 2. I must never make mistakes because they would show that I’m not as competent as I should be.

3. By being perfect, I can ensure my own security with others. They will admire me and will have no reason to criticize or reject me. 

4. My worth depends on how “good” I am, how smart I am, and how well I perform


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