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Hacksaw Ridge – movie review

Being invited by Graf-Martin Communications (thanks to Tim Underwood) I got a chance to see a promotional screening of the latest Mel Gibson movie – Hacksaw Ridge.

Mel Gibson’s comeback as director (first one since Apocalypto in 2006) is not easy especially after his anti-Semitic remarks. Everyone knows – even those who doesn’t have courage to say or recognized – who’s driven the movie industry, shows, music, and entertainment. Anyway it’s not now the place to say about media policies and Hollywood’s puppeteers.

The movie it’s inspired from real events and present the story of Desmond Doss (Andrew Garfield), a man committed to his faith (Seventh Day Adventist) and pacifist who served as a US Army medic at Okinawa, saving 75 lives without ever lifting a weapon.

Hacksaw Ridge put together two distinct / contrasting parts: The first is a set up for kind a “regular” family in rural Virginia with an abusive father and a faithful mom. Slowly the film reveals Doss’s reasons for choosing the path of pacifism, which are not solely religious as you might expect, but also heavily influenced by a desire not to end up like his abusive father. In a good piece of symbolism, we can see Doss using his belt for a different purpose to that of his drunken father – to save somebody not to correct somebody. Doss caring nature and character are further unveiled by his attempts at the courtship of Dorothy Schutte (Theresa Palmer)

The second part it’s that where the bullets start to fly and bodies start to fall, all of beauty construct of a normal life is stripped away and replaced with horror and remorse.

hacksawridge_ep_faithbasedart_poster-cropDesmond Doss was the real definition of a life hero; he hurt no-one while risking his life to save dozens of others. It’s inspiring to see Doss exhausted and praying to have power to save one more soldier, and the next one, and the next one…

The Mel Gibson’s new movie it’s a stomach-churning piece of war-combat-horror cinema giving way to an inspiring account of one man’s bravery, all of it conducted and filmed intelligently. The director vision about painful scenes transport you brutally in a world where you don’t want to be. The camera is moving close to the action, depicting pieces of the human bodies and the scenes are on the same pages with Braveheart and Passion of the Christ. The battle scenes are no mere bloodbaths but entire horrific in their specificity. As a surprise the movie minimize the depiction of other areas of the military lifestyle by having virtually no foul language or sexual content. The story its light-up on religiosity, faith, family, Bible, values.

Hacksaw Ridge is less a story of war, as it is on standing up for what you believe. Where do you base your convictions? The movie imply a good conscience test for each of us – what we are gone do when our values and morals are put to the test. And we are living in times such those.

The movie will be releases to the public in Canada on November 4, 2016.

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