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Trump – 70 de ani, 7 luni si 7 zile

Trump won.

Somehow alone, having majority of media outlets against him. “Orange is the new black“. Netflix got this right from long time…

The corporate media was Clinton’s instrument and what happened in US and Canada is hard to be called journalism. It was obsequiousness to Clinton and the progressive agenda. They were served to the political dynasty. In those days media reflects the biases of those who own it and this calls the very structure of democracy into question. The mainstream media in US and Canada was covering this US election in a manner like the China Daily, Scanteia or Pravda.

Silent majority and moral minority were a part of the winning process. Trump is their way of saying to liar politicians and the hypocrite media at once, “You’re fired!”.

Some things may change from today on, but the calling of the Church will not. Chuck Colson often mention: “Salvation doesn’t come on Air Force One”. There is government and there is God, and these are never one and the same. As apostle Peter said we are called to be “aliens and exiles” in the political and social world where we live. We are still called into the work of justice, to be peacemakers, and to go to the least and the lost. We have to get by in this broken world as best we can. The church is a moral minority that should witness to the world by living out Christ ideals.

As Todd Starnes wrote in his book Christians feel today like a Duck Dynasty guy living in a Miley Cyrus world.

If Jan. 21 2017 will be first full day in office for Trump he would be 70 years, seven months and seven days old.

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