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Canadian Doctors Opt Out Of Euthanasia

According to medical officials mentioned by World News Service, dozens of Canadian doctors who signed up to provide lethal injections have changed their minds.

“We’re seeing doctors who go through one experience and it’s just overwhelming, it’s too difficult, and those are the ones who say, ‘Take my name off the list. I can’t do it anymore.’” said Jeff Blackmer, vice president of the Canadian Medical Association.

At least 24 doctors in Ontario have asked to be removed from a list of physicians willing to participate in Canada’s Medical Aid in Dying (MAID) law, passed in June. Some 30 more have requested their names be put on hold.The doctor opt-outs follow a similar decision by several Canadian hospitals that announced last year they would not participate in the program because of their religious convictions.

Alex Schadenberg, director of the Euthanasia Prevention Coalition, said doctors withdrawing from the assisted suicide program is no surprise.

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