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I saw it and enjoy it: The Case for Christ – the movie

I attended yesterday at a private pre-screening of “The Case for Crist”. My thanks to Stephanie Gibson, from Graf-Martin Communications Inc. who facilitate me the access to this event.

I’ve privileged to be a part of a unique evening along with other Canadian Christian leaders and people of faith from Vancouver and Lower Mainland.

The movie is based on the book, The Case for Christ: A Journalist’s Personal Investigation of the Evidence for Jesus, which tells the true story of atheist Lee Strobel as he sets out to debunk the myth of Jesus and Christianity. 

The main action is his quest to prove God,(Christ, Christianity) it’s myth and not even a good one. I was always impress by Lee’s ferocious work as investigation journalist. His book – A Case for Christ – was one of the good resources used more than 15 years ago to produce a radio program(“din 4+1 puncte cardinale”) in Romania.

The movie plot it’s good (developed and supported by Pureflix – kind a “Christian aroma” Netflix) quite well acted and interesting crafted for a cinematic experience to be a good event in a public or private interactions. It’s an opening conversation tool, covering a real life situations where everyone can related – life, death, pride, anger, brokenness, searching and being onset in your rage against God.

If you have conversation about God or other spiritual things with some nonbelievers friends don’t miss this opportunity to challenge again your statements and their statements/ideas as well. If you’re looking for a way to start off Holy Week, I would suggest taking your family or a group of friends to see The Case for Christ.

The Case for Christ will be in theaters starting on April 7th. 

During the show I was seating near Doug – Dean of Columbia Bible College in Abbotsford – and at the end we chat a bit about the importance of this type of media productions in our social context. The conversation was delightful about possible implications of this movie in a  “post-truth” era.

To topping up a good evening when I entered back into my car NewSong starts to sing one of my favorites – “Between The Cross and Crown”. I was driving in a raining night enjoying every bit of sound…

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