saritura in-naltime

daca cei mai buni lideri se gasesc printre personele umile, ce isi stiu “masura”, de ce oamenii merg dupa aceeia ce-s carismatici si plini de ei/iubitori de sine?

o intrebare valida in dreptul multor biserici, iar materialul prezentat de Harvard Business Review va da de gandit celor ce au bun simt si va fi ignorat de toti ceilalti…

If Humble People Make the Best Leaders, Why Do We Fall for Charismatic Narcissists?

“Economic and social crises thus become a unique testing ground for charismatic leaders. They create conditions of distress and uncertainty that appear to be ideal for the ascent of charismatic figures. Yet at the same time, they also make us more vulnerable to choosing the wrong leader. Crises and other emotionally laden events increase our propensity to romanticize the grandiose view of narcissistic leaders. The paradox is that we may then choose to support the very leaders who are less likely to bring us success. In a time of crisis, it’s easy to be seduced by superheroes who could come and “rescue” us, but who possibly then plunge us into greater peril.” – Margarita Mayo

Corelat cu analiza prezentata in Harvard Business Review, l-am gasit si pe Teofil Stanciu analizand percutant, incisiv si fara rautate deficientele unui sistem de conducere promovat in mediul eclesial neoprotestant ce si-a depasit cu brio nivelul de incompetenta (apropo si de Principiul lui Peter)

Amurgul liderilor  – 1

Amurgul liderilor – 2

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