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ce esti dispus sa faci pentru a-ti salva biserica? “All Saints” review

ALL SAINTS is based on the inspiring true story of Pastor Michael Spurlock (John Corbett), and his “dying” congregation who take a step of faith and welcomed a community of ‘strangers’ (a group of refugees) who, in return, brought life and vitality to the local assembly.

What are you willing to do to save your church? One of the main questions which define the action and your obedience to God. Is not a story of a great/good leader – it’s a story of community in need who decide to be and act all together as a team, as a body; you may have a gifted speaker, a visionary leader but if the people don’t want to be part of God’s story and they choose to move to other large ecclesiastic venues then the end might be practically different.

It was another example of marvelous hope for a “dying” church.  For sure, the struggles are common, their needs are real but God give them a vision and support to get through. It is an inspiring message proving God is not done His work when people decide to close a church.

Actor John Colbert (who plays Pastor Michael Spurlock),  says it was the best decision he ever made to be a part of this movie.

“ALL SAINTS is an inspiring true story. Take a look beyond the divisive headlines and discover a heartwarming story about how a small-town pastor risks it all for a group of refugees. This story reminds us all that the simple act of welcoming the stranger can not only develop a fruitful relationship, but could be the very thing God uses to restore our hope.” – Mark Reddy, President, The JUSTICE Conference

Watch the story behind the movie here.
Download the 9-page discussion guide.

Thank again to Graf-Martin Communications Inc.(especially Tim Underwood) who facilitate me the access to this private prescreening event along with other Canadian Christian leaders and people of faith from Vancouver and Lower Mainland.

ALL SAINTS arrives in Canadian theatres on Friday, August 25th, 2017

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