saritura in-naltime

to who should I join?

Early this morning I got two video messages in my inbox…one from my Canadian prime minister and another one from a hunter.

Both men were troubled, worried and one even start crying – yeap, not the hunter. A person(musician) has died and it’s not a moment of joy, for sure. Actually, many other persons die daily but politicians are not crying considering in their minds/hearts it’s a price in everything or they are collateral damages.
One of those two persons – Trudeau – is well received everywhere he is going even he doesn’t know much about what he is currently doing; another one – Robertson – is isolated, and seen as a lunatic, bigot. One is politically correct speaker and another one is considered not a politically correct person. One is drama teacher who practice politics another one is “duck cook” who promote the words of Jesus.

To who should I join? Hhmmm…it’s easy, right? I am going into woods…I know it’s raining…so what?

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